JAMES A. Ritchie is not only the father of 7 dogs but also an Orangutan which came from the border between Batang Ai and Betung Karihun in KALBAR!

He found the orangutan in a cage under an Iban longhouse in Batang Ai national park in  1989, during a short visit with tourists.

When he wanted to take it asway to surrender to the Forestry Department in Kuching, a local resident told him it was placed there by an Indonesian and asked him to sell it for RM10k. But JR said he will only pay RM100 and then report the incident to forest because orangutan is a highly protected animal!

The "middleman" panicked when told that he could be arrested and then took the money. JR went home and found that news had gone around that he had taken the primate from suspected poacher!

Apparently, when told about this the State secretary Tan Sri Hamid Bugo--the father of swiming sensation Tania Bugo--smiled and told the forestry officials:

"We'll the baby orangutan looks like James Ritchie will all his bulu-bulu janggut and his perut full of cacing... so we will call him Ritchie".

James commented: "He was named Ritchie by the State secretary because I not only rescued the Man of the Forest but also because I look like him!!!"

That is how the 125kg and 4ft 5in tall Ritchie of Semenggong Wildlifef Sanctuary got his name. 

James' friend Muyang painted Ritchie the orangutan, and offered the painting of the ALHA MALE and "stat" of the Semenggok rehabilitation centre and sanctuary. BUT no takers!!!!

So James bought it off him "special price". James put the painting on his house. 

Oooooo hah! (*)