I first met Baram nomad Gerawat Megud in 1986 when I was 36. He was then 18 years old! 

Gerawat asked me if I knew another European named Bruno Manser. I told them I wanted to meet him.

After Manser "disappeared" at Batu Lawi in ulu Limbang I went to look for Gerawat and have met him three times since!

Together with TV producer RTM's Abang Abg Sulaiman Abg Jo we met Gerawat's Chief Agan Pelisi Jlianj in 1997 and did a film on his group!

This is one of my last trips when I went Trekking in the Tropical Forests of Long Seridan in the Baram with RMAF General Dato L.C.Soon and Borneo Explorer owner Chris Kon. 

Thanks to Penan volunteer CVatherine Lajo. We were able to meet and stay with him.

But now he has moved back into the jungle! Now 52, he wants to start all over again as a Nomad!?

Still waiting for the latest film on Gerawat's grand uncle Amat Kusin. (*)